Our Team

Nick Scolaro,

President, Florida Protection Associates, Inc. and Chief Compliance Officer for National FireDoor, LLC. State of Florida ECLB Certified Fire Safety Inspector I - State of Florida Certified - Fire Protection Engineering Technology - Fire Alarm Systems - NICET Level IV Senior Alarm System Auditor I - Underwriters Laboratories (2000-2006) Senior Alarm System Consultant - Intertek (ETL) (2008-present) - Specialties: Fire Protection Analysis, Fire Protection Plan (CAD) Design and Review, Fire Protection System Bid Specifications, Certified Alarm System Contractor I  Request for Proposals and Installation Management, Fire Alarm System Training. Consultation services by Certified Fire Safety Inspectors and/or Certified Fire Protection Specialists

Accreditations & Affiliations

Robert L. Arce

President -  National Firedoor, LLC. - In the commercial fire door and locksmith industries for 20 years.. 


Daniel Arce, CEO

A man with vast experience working to improve the working relationships with many sectors of the building and design trades to improve product performance and Life Safety attributes.